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Top Paid Unity Assets in 2018

This top paid Unity Assets in 2018 list includes assets that will improve your workflow and help you finish your next game.

Top Paid Unity Assets in 2018

Deciding which Unity Assets to use is an important consideration when it comes to making a game in Unity. Assets exist to help us, but they often end up getting in the way.

This list of top paid Unity Assets in 2018 aims to point you in the right direction. It contains 5 assets that I personally think are must-haves.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

1. Odin Inspector

Odin - Inspector and SerializerWe’re starting this top paid Unity Assets in 2018 list with an asset that’ll improve your workflow dramatically. Odin Inspector is a framework that makes it easy to create powerful and user-friendly inspectors.

It includes dozens of property drawers that transform the look and feel of Unity immediately. And, if you don’t like some of the built-in inspectors then you can easily switch them off.

Furthermore, Odin Inspector is highly customize-able. All you need to do is use one of the 80+ inspector attributes to get the exact look that you’re going for. Or you can use Odin’s well documented API to produce even more advanced custom editors.

2. Editor Console ProEditor Console Pro

Continuing with the theme of workflow improvement, Editor Console Pro is a Unity asset that you’ll wonder how to lived without. It takes Unity’s built-in console and enhances it dramatically.

It’s feature set includes highlighting, custom filtering, and log exporting. And at the low price of just $30, this one is definitely a no-brainer.

3. Bolt

BoltNext up on our list of the top paid Unity Assets in 2018 is Bolt, and extremely polished visual scripting tool.

I don’t usually promote visual scripting tools because Infallible Code is dedicated to teaching game developers how to increase their programming skills. But Bolt is just too incredible not to include on this list.

The editor is intuitive and effective, enabling artists, designers, and programmers alike to create and work on gameplay mechanics. This is a tool you’ll absolutely want to look into if you’re the only programmer on your team.

4. Dungeon Architect

Dungeon ArchitectDungeon Architect is an awesome level creation tool. It comes with a powerful graph editor for defining rules that link 3D models to different aspects of the environment. It then uses those rules to procedurally generate a map.

What’s even more impressive is that Dungeon Architect can do all of this at runtime. So you can create endless, randomized dungeons with ease.

5. Cartoon Town and Farm

Cartoon Town and FarmYou’ll want to have a solid set of environment models once you get Dungeon Architect up and running. Enter Cartoon Town and Farm.

This charming model pack contains over 180 stylized prefabs. With 22 buildings, 13 cars, 8 trees, 5 grounds, and 100+ addons, you’ll be able to use this pack for just about any project.

Unity in 2018

Apart from the fantastic set of assets available this year, there’s also a lot of awesome developments taking place internally at Unity. If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check out my post on the Unity TECH and LTS Streams.

These streams encompass Unity Technologies’ new release schedule. The release schedule was designed to allow Unity developers to introduce features to the editor more rapidly and dependably. The first release has already gone live, and so far the streams are working flawlessly.